Dairy Wholesalers

Offering a diverse range of high-quality and farm-fresh items dairy produce for all business needs. Browse our selection of creamy cheeses to fresh milk, and fruity yogurts. 

Dairy Food Suppliers

At Worldwide Catering Ltd. we provide a huge selection of products that are both fresh and readily available to deliver across the North West. 

Sourcing all our products from trusted suppliers both locally and internationally, you can be assured that all our dairy produce is of a high quality, that not only tastes good, but has a long shelf life and meets your expectations you have for your business. Our wide range includes various milk options, including non dairy milks, yoghurt, butter, margarine, and cheeses from around the world.

Wholesale Dairy Supply

For businesses in the North West region, from Manchester to Leeds and beyond, we can deliver dairy produce in bulk. Thanks to our years of experience working in the food industry we know just how important it is to be able to access high quality ingredients and fresh products when it is required. This is why our service is as efficient and effective as possible for all our customers.

No matter how big or small your company, whether you are a customer-facing business such as a restaurant cafe, sandwich bar, or provide a service such as education or healthcare, we can supply you with the quantity and quality of dairy products you require. From fresh milk for schools or bulk orders of butter for local bakeries, our wide selection of wholesale dairy products is ideal for all. 

Order Dairy Produce & Delivery

Once an order has been placed we aim to complete and deliver all orders by the next working day. Same day and urgent deliveries are available upon request. We ask any customer hoping for an express delivery to call our team before ordering to check availability. For any concerns or queries please get in touch with our team.