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Explore our comprehensive range of high-quality ingredients and culinary solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs and expectations of the hospitality industry. Elevate your hotel’s dining offerings with our exceptional products.

Hotel Catering Supplier

Running a busy hotel, whether this is a 5* establishment or a budget chain hotel, can be both a fast-paced and often hectic working environment. The use of the relevant services and partnerships allows hotel management to guarantee that everything runs smoothly on a daily basis. For hotels that never sleep and require a constant supply of fresh produce and ingredients, Worldwide Catering provides the perfect solution for hotel catering. Our door-to-door service offers a fast turnaround that allows hotel bars and restaurants the ability to keep store rooms continuously stocked with fresh produce like fruit and vegetables as well as dry ingredients and international foods. 

Fresh Food Delivery For Hotels

At Worldwide Catering we are committed to providing all our customers with the highest quality food and service. Sourcing only the freshest ingredients and produce both from local farmers and growers, as well as a vast selection of international cuisines and world foods, direct from their origin, our produce will help you create a hotel experience that your guests will never forget. 

From crafting first class restaurant dishes in your hotel restaurant to providing fresh fruit and pastries for your hotel breakfasts. For whatever reason you are sourcing quality hotel catering supplies, we can help. 

FRESH Food Delivery Service

Buying directly from us means we will provide an efficient delivery service. From our door to yours, you will receive your fresh supply of foods and produce within one working day. With our teams striving to ensure all deliveries are of the highest quality and remain fresh from the moment they are selected to the minute they arrive at your hotel. 

For urgent and express deliveries, we can also offer a same day delivery service, however we do ask that customers in need of this service contact us before placing an order online. For more information about our hotel catering supply services, do not hesitate to get in touch. 

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