Care Home Food Suppliers

We understand the unique dietary requirements and nutritional needs of residents. Explore our wide range of wholesome and carefully curated food products, designed to nourish and cater to the well-being of individuals in nursing homes.

Nursing Home Catering Supplier

Keeping nursing homes stocked with food and fresh produce is really important for the care, health, and wellbeing of residents. With our door-to-door delivery service of nursing home catering supplies, you can always keep your nursing home stocked with the necessary fresh produce and dry ingredients to serve healthy, well-balanced meals. 

Fresh Produce For Nursing Homes

Enrich your nursing home menus with fresh and tasty ingredients that will get your residents looking forward to their lunch and evening meal times. Cook up healthy dinners and teas with fresh vegetables and nutritious ingredients like grains, salads, fresh eggs, milk, as well as tasty flavours from cuisines around the world. Cater to all dietary requirements according to the doctors’ advice and ensure all your residents are receiving the nutrients they need to stay fit, strong and healthy. 

Our range includes a wide selection of produce from fresh loaves, sweet pastries, morning goods, seasonings, seasonal fruits and vegetables and more! You will find a large choice of quality produce and food products to ensure you have plenty of choices when it comes to serving delicious meals everyday. 

Reliable Delivery Of Catering Supplies 

With every order our team works hard to ensure all our customers receive their food supplies in as little as one working day. Despite the speed in which we deliver your goods we will never sacrifice the freshness and quality of your selected produce. Our team strives to ensure your delivery arrives providing the freshest and best quality possible. 

For urgent orders we do also offer same day delivery, however we would ask that all customers hoping for this service give us a call prior to placing an order to ensure we have the availability to meet your requirements. For more information and to get in touch with the team.

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