Fruit & Veg Wholesalers

Explore our extensive selection of fresh, seasonal produce sourced directly from trusted farmers and growers. Delivered to you, ready to be cooked into restaurant quality dishes, to accompany your hotel breakfast, and more.

Fruit & Veg Suppliers

Accessing the freshest fruit and vegetables has never been easier. At Worldwide Catering we can deliver quality fruit and vegetables across the North West region to both businesses and organisations of all sizes. 

With links to some of the very best fruit and vegetable farmers, our produce is fresh and ready to be enjoyed. Our products include fresh tomatoes, apples, bananas, oranges, watermelons, kiwis, melons, frozen fruits and more.

Fruit & Veg Delivered Fresh To You

From ripe bananas, fresh oranges, British carrots, to sun-ripened tomatoes, our wide selection of fresh fruit and vegetables can be quickly and safely delivered to your business. Orders from around the North West can expect delivery within just one working day. However, for urgent deliveries we can support same day delivery upon request*. 

Our teams work to ensure all our deliveries arrive to their destination swiftly and securely, guaranteeing you receive only the freshest fruit and vegetables ready to eat, cook, and enjoy.

Wholesale fruit & Vegetable suppliers in the North West

If you are a business that is looking to buy wholesale fruits and vegetables, not only is buying in bulk a great way to save money but it is also a way to improve the efficiency of your business. We work with a wide range of businesses including restaurants, cafes, sandwich bars, hospitals, and schools, ensuring they receive the highest quality produce needed to provide an outstanding service.

Choosing to buy wholesale fruit and vegetables from Worldwide Catering allows you to receive the same quality and taste you would expect from a small greengrocer. All our products are supplied by some of the very best farmers and growers from across the local area and around the world. So, whether you are cooking large quantities of tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes, or need plenty of fresh fruits for your hotel’s restaurant, you can rely on us for the finest produce.