Wholesale Sandwich Bar Supplier

We understand the importance of fresh and delicious ingredients in crafting mouthwatering sandwiches. Discover our wide range of high-quality products, perfect for elevating the taste and appeal of your sandwich creations.

Sandwich Bar Catering Supplier

As a leading provider of door-to-door catering services across the Greater Manchester area, we offer a wide range of fresh produce, dry ingredients, and world foods to help you create delicious and appealing sandwiches for your sandwich bar that your customers will love.

We understand that running a successful sandwich bar is all about having the right ingredients on hand. That’s why we source our products from the best suppliers around the world. Our huge selection of produce and food products is available to order online so you can always find what you need to create the perfect sandwich.

Fresh Produce For Your Sandwich Bar

In addition to our wide selection of products, we also offer a variety of services to help you make your job easier. We can deliver your orders directly to your door, so you don’t have to worry about picking them up yourself. 

Our wide range of fresh produce includes your must-have ingredients such as milk, cheese, butter, as well as baked goods like loaves, barms/rolls, pastries and more. Everything you could possibly need to craft your much-loved sandwiches and snacks to feed your hungry customers. So, whether you’re a local sandwich bar in the centre of your town or a sandwich bar cart catering markets and local tourist areas, our food and produce supply services are the ideal solution for all your needs. 

Delivery of Catering Supplies

To ensure you have everything in stock when you need it, our teams promise to ensure your delivery reaches you as soon as possible. Working to get most orders out by the next working day without compromising on freshness or quality. No matter the quantity of your order you can always expect a high quality range of produce as well as an excellent delivery service. From our door to yours, our team will take care of everything. 

For same day deliveries, we do ask that customers give us a call before placing an order to ensure we have the availability. 

For more information about our sandwich bar catering service, simply get in touch with our team.

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