Schools And Hospital Food suppliers

We specialise in providing nutritious and safe food options to meet the dietary needs of students and patients. Explore our wide range of high-quality products, designed to support the well-being and health of those in educational and healthcare settings.

Order Fresh Produce & Ingredients In Bulk

Feeding a large amount of people, whether this is school children or hospital patients, requires a lot of work. Ensuring you have the right number of products and ingredients poses a real challenge to management and kitchen staff. Not only this but you also hope to provide a food service that offers your diners a fresh, well-balanced, and nutritious meal. Our door-to-door catering services provide a solution for a wide range of businesses and establishments including schools and hospitals. If you have lots of mouths to feed everyday, choose Worldwide Catering Ltd. for a reliable food delivery service across Greater Manchester.

Order Fresh Produce & Ingredients In Bulk

Our wide variety of fresh produce includes dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, and bakery goods. While we also stock a huge range of dry and canned goods to provide our customers with a varied choice of ingredients for cooking tasty and nutritious meals. Plus, for added flavour and variety, we also carry a huge selection of world foods from cuisines across the world including India, Italy, China, Japan and more. For feeding hundreds, if not thousands, of hungry residents, patients, and school children, our team can support you in placing a bulk order of fresh produce. Ensuring you get all the ingredients and food products you need to get hospital and school meals cooked and served. 

At Worldwide Catering we understand how important it is to cover all different types of dietary requirements, particularly in hospitals where medical concerns may impact meal choices. For more information about each individual product and their supplier, our team can provide you with the details about their nutritional values and origin, as well as offer alternatives for specific dietary restrictions. This includes dairy-free milk and cheese, as well as gluten free options. 

Catering Supplies Delivery 

To guarantee a swift service, we aim to complete all our food deliveries within one working day. For those customers who require a same day urgent delivery, we can cater to this, however please call to ensure we have the availability on the day before placing your order. For more information about our schools and hospital catering supply services. 

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