World Foods Wholesale

Embark on a culinary journey with our diverse selection of international flavours and ingredients. Explore a wide range of authentic spices, sauces, and unique food items for your business. 

World Foods Supplier

World foods and ingredients from across the globe. Working with some of the world’s leading manufacturers and brands we can provide businesses and organisations with a huge choice of world foods from the best international cuisines. Whether you want authentic Indian ingredients to create great tasting curries, genuine Italian and French cheeses and meats, Mexican snacks and sauces or famous Spanish dishes, we are able to provide a vast variety of world foods for you to choose from. 

Never compromising on quality or taste, part of our service is to ensure all our customers are able to enjoy some of the finest food products from countries near and far. With flavours and favourites from Europe, America, Japan, China and beyond, our delivery service is fast and efficient to guarantee the finest quality of your global foods are preserved.

Wholesale Supply of Global Flavours For Your Business

Established in providing a wholesale supply of food products and produce to businesses across the North West, we have experience in delivering world foods to the doors of popular city centre restaurants, bakeries, busy industrial kitchens and more. Ensuring you always have access to the fresh and dry ingredients you need to cook up delicious and authentic dishes from some of the most popular global cuisines, our food deliveries and great prices can meet your busy business’ demands.

Asian foods supplier 

South Asian and East Asian foods are some of the world’s most popular. From Indian curries to Thai noodles and sweet and sour sauces, rice and more, we are able to supply a vast range of Asian foods to those who wish to enjoy the spices and fresh ingredients of this food loving continent. 

European food products and favourites 

From Italian hard cheese to French brie and Spanish chorizo, European foods are adored across the world and make up a huge majority of the UK’s favourite dishes. Spaghetti bolognese, paella, french onion soup, all of these popular dishes and more can be created using our huge range of European food products.

World foods delivered to your doorstep 

Delivered direct to your business, we aim to deliver within one working day. However, we can provide a same day food delivery service, upon request.