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We are your trusted source for high-quality ingredients and culinary essentials. Explore our diverse selection of products designed to meet the demands of your restaurant, ensuring exceptional quality and taste for your dishes.

Restaurant Catering Supplier

At Worldwide Catering Ltd we know just how important it is to have access to readily available fresh produce and quality dry ingredients when working in the food industry. Restaurant owners and managers must have a steady supply of ingredients in order to provide the very best service for customers.

This is why we have created a reliable food supply service that caters to a wide range of industries, including restaurants and hospitality businesses.

A Wide Selection Of Produce For Your Restaurant

From fresh dairy produce including Italian cheeses and milk from British dairy farmers to dry ingredients like chilli powder, breadcrumbs, grains and more. We stock a wide selection of produce ideal for the restaurant industry. Choose products to stock your store room or arrange regular deliveries of fresh produce, in bulk, so you never have to worry about your chefs running out of their must-have ingredients. 

As a trusted supplier of foods across the North West of England, we supply food products and ingredients to a huge range of restaurants across the area. Delivering fresh foods and ingredients to restaurants within major cities and small towns and villages. This includes large chain restaurants through to smaller, boutique venues, and bars. 

Catering Supplies For World Cuisines 

What’s more, our connections with a wide choice of farmers, growers, and manufacturers reaches far and wide. This enables us to supply some of the very best international foods and ingredients to restaurants hoping to create an authentic taste. Our selection of international food supplies includes some of the very best products for creating original recipes from India, Italy, Mexico, China, Japan and more! Your customers will certainly taste the difference. 

Thanks to our experience in the food industry and our understanding of a vast range of food types and cuisines, we are regularly updating our choice of products to bring you the latest must-have ingredients and flavours. Helping your restaurant thrive in the busy market, and keep your customers returning again and again for delicious dishes. 

Buying Food Supplies In Bulk

Throughout the ordering and delivery process we can guarantee you will never lose out on taste or quality. Our team strives to deliver every order we receive within one working day. However, for urgent orders same day delivery is available, upon request. 

Since we supply to restaurants, other businesses and various public establishments, you can order as much as you may need.

For more information about our buying process and to discuss our delivery process, do not hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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