Kitchen Store Wholesalers

Sourcing a wide range of dry food options and ingredients from trusted suppliers for all types of businesses and organisations. Delivery available across the North West.

Kitchen Store Food Supplier

With a huge selection of dry ingredients, snacks and drinks available at Worldwide Catering Ltd. we can supply your business with all the food store items you could want and need. Whether you need to keep your business fully stocked, or simply need additional ingredients to serve new dishes and menu items to your customers, we can deliver.

All our food products are sourced from trusted suppliers and manufacturers from across the UK and internationally, bringing you a variety of options to choose from. Including a range of dry goods from cuisines across the world and essential goods with long shelf lives. Our huge selection of kitchen store goods, drinks and snacks include, dry pasta, basmati rice, sauce mixes, crisps, seasonings, baking essentials, biscuits, cereal bars, teas, coffees and more.

Wholesale Kitchen store supplies distributer

For businesses across the North West we can complete bulk orders demanding high quantities of snacks, kitchen store items and ingredients. Whether you run a busy city centre restaurant, a local bakery, sandwich bar or hospitality venue, our supply of wholesale dry foods is ideal for keeping your business readily stocked with all your necessary ingredients.

Working with a wide range of businesses within all sectors and of all sizes, our team is experienced in delivering the very best quality to all our customers. Ensuring the product’s freshness and quality is never compromised. Providing stock to customers quickly and efficiently, you can rely upon Worldwide Catering Ltd. to supply you with the finest kitchen store foods.

Food delivery across the north west

Once we have received your order, no matter how big or small, we will work to deliver this within one working day, depending on availability. For customers hoping to place an urgent order, we can provide same day delivery, however we ask that these customers call before ordering to ensure we have the stock ready for delivery.