With the increasing demand for food supplies and number of food services available to the
general public, food suppliers are an incredibly crucial part of the growing food chain.
Supplying essential ingredients, food products, and catering supplies to food businesses,
without the ongoing work of catering food suppliers, the food supply chain would certainly
not function in the efficient way it does today.
At World Wide Catering we work with a huge variety of businesses and service providers
across the North West of England. With a wide range of food products, fresh produce, and
essential catering supplies, we provide a supply service that is second to none.

The role of a catering food supplier

Sourcing the very best ingredients, produce and food items from manufacturers, farmers and growers both local and international, food suppliers can supply a variety of different business types with the food products they need to provide a quality service.

From working with world renowned chefs and restaurants to organisations such as schools
and hospitals, as well as small cafes and sandwich bars. At World Wide Catering, our
clientele is varied but our product range is even greater. Including everything from fruits and vegetables, to kitchen store goods, and international food products for the creation of
restaurant quality meals to school lunches, and ingredients to serve snacks and quick bites
to the dozens.

Being able to buy everything from one supplier is crucial for businesses, helping to save time but also money. Sourcing quality ingredients and food items at a fair wholesale price makes budgeting simpler and business operations easier to manage. Catering food suppliers have some of the best connections and partners to provide food items and produce at cheap
prices and in large quantities, delivering these in an efficient and fast manner, keeping
businesses fully stocked.

What makes a good catering food supplier?

For businesses looking to buy from a catering food supplier for the first time, there are
certainly some factors to consider. The list below helps to define what separates a reliable
supplier from the rest:

  • Access to a wide range of products – a good food supplier will make it possible for
    you to buy everything (or almost everything) you need from one place. This will save
    you lots of time shopping around and negotiating deals with more than one supplier.
    And for businesses, time = money couldn’t be a truer statement in this instance.
  • High quality products that are readily available – although a supplier may seem to
    stock everything, this is only a benefit if they are able to keep up with demand.
    Making sure your supplier has stock readily available is incredibly important for
    keeping your kitchen store stocked with the food products you need to run your
  • Wholesale prices – as mentioned above, a good catering food supplier will be able to
    offer your business food products at cheaper wholesale prices. Thanks to their great
    connections with manufacturers and farmers, they should be able to negotiate prices
    to offer you cheap food items you can buy in bulk.
  • Quality customer service – a reliable supplier will have a quality team of customer
    service advisers or sales representatives who will form working relationships with
    clients. Being able to build rapport with a personable team behind your food supply
    means negotiating and finding the best deals will be even easier. Plus, any issues or
    concerns can be quickly and easily resolved.
  • Fast and efficient delivery times – getting your food and catering supplies delivered
    efficiently and quickly is an incredibly crucial part of a supplier’s role. A reliable
    supplier will provide a quick turnaround of goods and guarantee your delivery is safe
    in transit.

Why you should shop with a food supplier

Acting as a middleman between manufacturers and businesses, catering food suppliers
remove the additional stress and work of having to find farmers and growers of necessary
ingredients and produce, as well as offering a service that delivers in just a few days. For a
food service provider such as a restaurant or cafe, this not only saves time but also means
regular orders can be made to keep the kitchen store stocked and the business running

Plus, for businesses who have limited space to store food items and produce, these
suppliers can make regular, routine deliveries that will save on the need for storing excess
products in-house.

Work with World Wide Catering

With such a wide selection of wholesale catering supplies, you’ll find everything you need for your business or organisation. From fresh produce, meat, international food products, dry goods and more, our range of products and quality customer service sees our customers, from across the North West, returning regularly to place wholesale food orders in a quantity that suits their requirements. With products readily available you can expect orders to be dispatched within just one working day, delivering across the region to small and large businesses, as well as organisations and service providers.

Shop our wide range of products today and place an order with our simple ordering process.
For any enquiries, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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