The winter season is fast approaching and as many of you will be aware, it’s the perfect time to consider what vegetables are in season. Sourcing our wholesale produce from some of the very best local farmers and growers, we ensure to stock all seasonal produce plus fruits and vegetables from around the globe. So, you can continue providing exemplary service to your customers. Here are some of the season’s most popular produce and some inspiration for your business for your next wholesale order.

October – Apples, Pears, Squash, Cabbage & Cauliflower
October is the season we really start to see a change in our weather. Noticing darker evenings and colder mornings. At this time of year, we also get to enjoy the beautiful colours of autumn. Noticing oranges, yellows and browns, not only of the falling leaves but of the seasonal veg too! October is a great month for apples and pears, as well as brilliantly tasting winter squash, pumpkins, and cauliflower. For restaurants looking to enhance your current offering with seasonal vegetables, consider some of these vegetables for hearty dishes like stews, bakes, and soups.

November – Root vegetables
Much like October, November is a brilliant time for nutritious root vegetables that are ideal for making warm winter dishes. November is a great month to buy freshly harvested veg such as cauliflower, cabbages, leeks, parsnips, and potatoes. You will notice these vegetables have had plenty of time to grow to a decent size and are of a high quality, rich in nutrients. Ordering root vegetables in bulk in November is recommended to restaurants looking to plan ahead for the busy festive season ahead, and planning ingredients and dishes for this time should certainly be on your mind.

December – Vegetables for Christmas dinner
Some of the most festive produce will be seasonal to this time of year, including the infamous brussel sprout. Whether you love them or love to hate them, they are exceptionally fresh throughout December and are the perfect accompaniment to a Christmas dinner. Diners in restaurants or guests of your hotel, will certainly expect to see seasonal vegetables and fruits available on your menus throughout the month of December. Other seasonal veg this month include, savoy cabbage, carrots, and leeks.

January & February seasonal produce
Heading into the new year, the seasonal produce remains unchanged, continuing to feature popular root vegetables. The likes of parsnips, leeks, savoy cabbage, swedes, swedes and kale are still very much of a high quality, continuing to provide the right ingredients for hearty and warming winter dishes. For a brighter addition to your menus, citrus fruits from across the continent are highly recommended at this time of year, helping to add some flavour and colour to those grey winter days and nights.

To place an order for wholesale seasonal vegetables and fruits this winter choose Worldwide Catering for fresh produce ready to be delivered throughout the North West.

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